HISTP Scholar Dr. Juan DelaCruz receives two awards

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2015 Spring Training Institute

Mentorship & Training Support At-a-Distance

At-a-distance mentorship: HISTP Commons

Through a section of the website accessible only to those affiliated with the HISTP, the “at-a-distance” mentorship, training, and research support includes libraries of sample grants and summary statements; collections of measures; and a discussion board for Q&A and peer social support. The HISTP Commons also centralized, documented, and archived the array of research development activities, mentorship, and products/deliverables; this also enhances data collection and evaluation.

Members’ library

A members’ library, which is restricted to affiliates of the HISTP, will house proprietary and program-specific files (e.g., IRB protocols, adverse event report forms, Mock Review recordings). The library allows efficient sharing of information in an accessible yet controlled/secure manner.

Presentation broadcasts

As part of training and mentorship support at-a-distance, the HISTP plans to beging broadcasting presentations live using IP-based protocols (e.g., internet video stream) as well as digitally captured for playback from a website at a later time. This provides a cost-effective mechanism for non-local mentees.

Other training support

Future planned endeavors also include self-guided trainings, which are stand-alone, internet-delivered training programs that Fellows and affiliates can access to receive structured instruction.